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The most comprehensive training program for Senior Processors to take their career to the next level as a mortgage Junior Underwriter. ASCEND™ helps train the next generation of underwriting professionals in any organization with a clear path to upskill operations talent and promote from within.


The ASCEND™ Program takes a Senior Processor to the next level in their career with training that covers advanced conventional mortgage loan knowledge and world-class underwriting skills – everything a mortgage operations veteran needs to become a Junior Underwriter.

This program provides organizations with a training partner dedicated to career development within the mortgage industry. As a result of ASCEND™, operations professionals will be skilled, productive and market-ready to transition to a new role as a Junior Underwriter for conventional refinance and purchase loans quickly.


We brought in about 300 new hires this past year between sales and operations. Because of the sheer numbers we needed to manage volume, we shifted to hiring new talent over experienced for sales and processing and used XINNIX to get our recruits market-ready faster than we could train them ourselves. As our team grew so did our underwriter needs and XINNIX’s ASCEND™ Program was the perfect solution for two reasons. First, while it was impossible to hire experienced underwriting talent in the current market, we were able to get 20 new junior underwriters fully onboarded in less than 2 months. Second, we were able to enhance operations retention by promoting from within. We only hired underwriting candidates from our company adding a new career development opportunity for our existing processing team to move into Junior Underwriting.

-EVP Human Resources, National Lender



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